Come check out our featured artist, Joe Ziegler, during the Castro Art Walk May 2nd from 6-8PM at our Market Street location.

“Queer Folk of Rock is a growing collection of portraits recognizing the voices of LGBT+ artists and their impact on rock and roll. From the iconic familiarity of Freddie Mercury and Elton John to lesser-known contributors like Laura Nyro and Esquerita, this series aims to share their stories and create positive discussion about their roles in shaping rock music.

The show is painted in two distinct styles, classic black-and-white pointillism and vibrant, modern watercolor, acknowledging the full spectrum of individual identification.

Several of the QFOR pieces are also part of the ongoing Black Faces of Rock series, displaying the intersectional diversity of the many important non-binary artists. Nearly as meaningful as the completed portraits is the open list of notable omissions of artists yet to be painted, a list too long to finish in one lifetime.” - Joe Ziegler

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