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Rainbow Pie Strain from Gage Cannabis

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Rainbow Pie – Strain of the Week

Rainbow Pie: Your New Buds’ Flava’ Fiesta! 🌈🥧

Are you looking for a strain that could bring your relaxation level from 0 to 100? Rainbow Pie is a strain that proudly wears the Indica-dominant badge, bringing the relaxation train into the station! 💨💨

Rainbow Pie was created by merging two great lineages: Georgia Pie and Rainbow Chip. With a lineage like this, you could expect a strain full of flavor and effects that could last for hours – but fear not, the effects shouldn’t be overpowering, rather a comfortable relaxation, making it an excellent choice for those looking to unwind without being glued to the couch.
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Rainbow Pie serves up a slice of heaven with sweet and fruity notes, thanks to the Georgia Pie’s peachy vibes blending with the Rainbow Chip’s vibrant palette. The aroma of Rainbow Pie is equally enchanting. Open the container, and you’ll be greeted by a fragrance reminiscent of a flourishing orchard, offering a sensory journey through fruit-filled landscapes.

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