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Budder – Smooth and Spreadable Cannabis Concentrate

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What is Budder?

Today, we will explore the fascinating world of budder. Budder is a cannabis concentrate characterized by its creamy and butter-like consistency.
To produce budder, the extracted cannabis oil undergoes a purging process that involves applying heat and vacuum to remove any residual solvents. During this process, the oil is whipped, creating air pockets, and transforming its texture into a smooth and spreadable consistency. Depending on factors such as the strain used and the extraction process, budder can range in color from pale yellow to golden amber.

Budder offers various consumption methods, providing versatility for users. Here are a few popular ways to enjoy budder:
cresco concentrate budder
Dabbing: Dabbing budder involves vaporizing a small amount of concentrate on a heated surface, such as a dab rig or an e-nail. The vapor is then inhaled, delivering potent effects and flavorful experiences.

Vaporizing: Budder can also be vaporized using a compatible vaporizer device. This method allows for a more controlled and precise experience, with the vapor delivering cannabinoids and terpenes without combustion.

Infusing: Budder can be used to infuse other products, such as edibles or topicals. By incorporating budder into recipes or topical formulations, you can enjoy its effects in a variety of ways.

For a better butter consumption experience, make sure you have the right accessories.

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