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Round Up for Change – The Mission [Green] Initiative

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Terrascend & The Apothecarium have partnered with The Weldon Project, and Mission Green Alliance to amplify the voices of those most impacted by the War on Drugs. Thousands of people are still serving time for cannabis-related offenses, despite cannabis being legalized across the nation. THE WELDON PROJECT is a NON-PROFIT organization working to end incarceration for cannabis and repair the negative collateral consequences that stem from cannabis convictions.

The Weldon Project’s Mission Green Alliance works to secure the release of those serving time for cannabis-related offenses and to create pathways to expungement and pardons so that impacted individuals may go on to live meaningful lives. The Mission Green Campaign is also led by individuals who have been impacted by the justice system and have lived through the issues that the Weldon Project is trying to address. The Weldon Project is named after Weldon Angelos who was an up-and-coming musician when he was sentenced to a 55-year prison term in 2003 for selling less than $1,000 dollars’ worth of cannabis. Federal prison and sentencing laws for drug crimes carry mandatory minimums, even for first-time offenders like Angelos, that are often stiffer than state laws. Angelos was eventually released from prison in 2016 after serving 13 years of his term.

Mission Green Alliance is an industry-wide collaboration that allows consumers of legal cannabis the option to round up to the nearest dollar to donate to the Weldon Project. “Cannabis operators and consumers alike have the responsibility to acknowledge the complex history of cannabis and take meaningful steps towards greater equity. said Weldon Angelos, Founder of The Weldon Project. “The Mission Green Alliance is a simple and efficient way for consumers of legal cannabis to support causes that champion justice in cannabis.” Consumers can participate in the Mission Green Roll-Up Program at participating The Apothecarium locations.

Proceeds from Mission Green Alliance will be used to advocate for individual clemencies, support incarcerated people, help effect legislative reform, and implement strategies to release cannabis offenders. This program is helping to raise the bar for awareness and social justice by providing unique ways for cannabis businesses and consumers to participate in a nationwide campaign to provide relief to those negatively impacted by cannabis prohibition.

To donate directly to the Mission Green Alliance follow the Donate Now Link Here.

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