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Welcome to the BudClub, Maryland!

maryland cannabis loyalty program budclub

Maryland BudClub Has Arrived!

The Bud Club is our free loyalty program for Medical Patients and Adult Use customers. Customers will be rewarded for shopping with us and can save on future purchases. Customers must opt-in to enroll into the program.

Why join the Bud Club?
* Get rewarded for shopping for us! $1 spent = 1 point
* Use rewards to save!
150 points = $5 OFF
500 points = $25 OFF
1000 points = $50 OFF
2000 points = $100 OFF
* Birthday discount – 20% off your order
* Be the first to know about any exclusive products, events, and more!

How to join the Bud Club?
It’s simple to join! Just scan the QR code in store or click the Dutchie Banner to join online

Program Rules:

* $1 spent = 1 point earned

* Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit

* Only 1 reward redemption per day

* Points never expire

* Rewards are stackable with everyday discounts and daily promotions

* Point rewards will come off the total purchase at the end of the transaction; taxes are then calculated and applied.

* Rewards are 100% redemption, meaning the purchases must utilize the entire amount in the transaction, they cannot split the value (ex. Use $12.50 today and then $12.50 next time)

* Transaction value must meet or exceed $5 before tax but after all rewards and discounts


* Is there a fee to join? Nope! Just register in store or online and you will start earning points automatically.

* Can I walk into a store and redeem my rewards without a purchase? All items must ring up to a minimum value of $5 per unit when redeeming points.

* How can I earn points and rewards? Opt-in for the program and then it’s time to shop! You will start earning from the initial purchase.

* Do points expire? No! Points do not expire

* Can I earn points and redeem at any Apothecarium location or any TerrAscend brand products at any dispensary? The Bud Club and points are redeemable only in the location they are earned and cannot be used at any other dispensary, even if they carry TerrAscend products.

* Can I earn points for past purchases? You will start to earn points the day you opt-in for the program.

* I was already part of your loyalty program, what now? Thanks for being a loyal member! Your points will roll over into the new program. While our rewards have changed, you will still get to save on future purchases!

* Can I accumulate my rewards and stack redemption at a single visit? Only 1 reward redemption will be permitted with each transaction, meaning you cannot stack reward redemptions.

* How can I view my points? View your wallet using the link below.

The Apothecarium Dispensary of Burtonsville (formerly Herbiculture) https://enrollnow.vip/login/2098
The Apothecarium Dispensary of Salisbury (formerly Peninsula) https://enrollnow.vip/login/2788
The Apothecarium Dispensary of Cumberland (formerly AMMD) https://enrollnow.vip/login/2174
The Apothecarium Dispensary of Parkville (formerly Blue Ridge) https://enrollnow.vip/login/2583

Redeem Springbig loyalty at Dutchie Register
Loyalty points to be redeemed or accrued during a store visit, the customer must be enrolled in the Springbig Loyalty Program.

1. Add or Scan items into the cart.
2. Click the three dots … icon.
3. Select Redeem SB from the dropdown.
4. In the redeem window you will see all available offers and point balance.

Click Add to select the offer or reward you want to redeem:
150 points = SpringBig $5 OFF
500 points = SpringBig $25 OFF
1000 points = SpringBig $50 OFF
2000 points = SpringBig $100 OFF

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