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State Flower’s Blue Dream Strain – In CA Stores Now

Blue Dream

State Flower’s Blue Dream Strain


Discover the enduring allure of State Flower’s Blue Dream strain. From its Santa Cruz Mountain origins to its harmonious flavor profile, explore why this Sativa-dominant hybrid is a legend in the world of cannabis. In the vast world of cannabis strains, there are legends that transcend time, capturing the essence of both tradition and innovation. Among these icons, State Flower’s Blue Dream shines brightly. 

A Journey to the Santa Cruz Mountains
Blue Dream, or Blueberry Haze, is a Sativa-dominant hybrid hailing from the Santa Cruz Mountains. An old-school strain that has stood the test of time. Its effects are sure uplifting, yet mellow. It’s the kind of weed you can smoke all day and all get sh*t done! 

Classic & DeliciousState Flower Blue Dream
Notably, State Flower’s Blue Dream boasts a flavor profile that combines the best of both worlds: the timeless allure of classic haze with a delightful blueberry undertone. This harmonious blend of tastes makes every hit a journey of pleasure for your taste buds.

A Timeless Classic
This is an easy-to-love strain, not offputting by taste or smell. It goes with everything, like a nice t-shirt.


Legendary Strain Blue Dream

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