ipredictive01 ipredictive02 Pennsylvanians for Adult Use: Pass Senate Bill 846

Pennsylvanians for Adult Use: Pass Senate Bill 846

senate bill for adult use marijuana

Encourage Your Elected Officials to Pass Senate Bill 846

As a passionate grower, manufacturer, distributor and retailer of medical marijuana in the State of Pennsylvania, we understand the power of the plant in peoples lives. If you believe medical marijuana should be available to the adult population of Pennsylvania, just like its neighbors in New Jersey and Maryland, encourage your elected officials to vote YES to Senate Bill 846. To contact your elected official quickly and easily, use this link and have your voice heard.

More from the petition provider below:

“A majority of Pennsylvanian’s believe it is critical to the public health, safety and welfare of this great Commonwealth to legalize and regulate cannabis for adult-use.”

“A supermajority of Pennsylvanians no longer agree with cannabis prohibition. We know that prohibition merely drove the market underground, breeding violence while simultaneously diverting law enforcement’s focus away from violent crime. We know cannabis prohibition sends an incredible number of Pennsylvanians through the criminal justice system and that prohibition is not enforced evenly – with minorities and rural farming communities disproportionately impacted.”

“We know people are going to consume cannabis and that prohibition did not change that fact. We can neither protect against health and safety hazards nor protect our kids in a $3.5 billion annual illegal market. Legalizing and regulating cannabis are the only ways to introduce consumer and youth protections.”

“Collectively, legal US sales have generated $15 billion in tax revenue since inception of adult use cannabis. By legalizing and regulating cannabis, Pennsylvania lawmakers can create a new revenue stream as other states have done and use the new revenue to improve our schools, rebuild our infrastructure, and support other community resources.”

“By not expanding legal access to cannabis, our elected state officials are not representing their constituents or carrying out the will of Pennsylvanians – more than 66% of whom support legalizing cannabis for adult use. It’s time for change and we can’t afford to waste money enforcing prohibition any more than we can afford to forgo an entirely new stream of tax revenue in these uncertain economic times or ignore new opportunities for prosperity.”

“It’s time to pass the common sense, bipartisan Senate Adult Use Bill 846.”

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