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NJ Patient Town Hall Meeting Q&A

Questions & Answers from the NJ Patient Town Hall Meetings

When will delivery service be available?

We are focused on servicing patients in our retail stores and look forward to offering delivery services in the future.

If my monthly allotment runs out, can I still buy rec products during patient only hours?

Unfortunately, patients cannot purchase Adult Use products during Patient Only hours because they would be considered an Adult Use customer. Because of this, we need to wait until Patient Only hours have ended. We are not allowed to record any Adult Use sales for any reason during Patient Only hours.

Why do my online orders sometimes get cancelled after being placed?

Online orders maybe be cancelled due to:

* Item is OUT OF STOCK – Online orders cannot be fulfilled as the item(s) requested is currently out of stock.

* The ORDER IS MORE THAN A PATIENT’S MEDICAL ALLOTMENT – Online orders cannot be fulfilled if they exceed your current medical allotment. Please refer to the NJMCP website to view your current allotment.

* EXPIRED ALLOTTMENT – Online orders cannot be fulfilled if your current allotment has expired. Please reach out to any NJMCP certified doctor to renew.  

* EXPIRED MEDICAL CARD Online orders cannot be fulfilled if your card on file has expired. Please visit the NJMCP website to take the steps to renew your card.  If you have renewed your card, please upload the new card under “Profile” and “Documents” in your Apothecarium account.

Why doesn’t the website and app accurately reflect which products are currently in stock?

We are diligently working on the accuracy of our online menu for each location. Some products may be available in the dispensary that are not available online. This is due to the inventory thresholds that ensure medical products for patients are physically in the dispensary for purchase.

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