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Harvest More Green with Every Day Low Prices

everyday low dispensary prices

Exciting News for Our Patients

Lower Prices and Every Day Offerings that will put more green back in your wallet.

At The Apothecarium, we’re dedicated to providing our patients with high-quality products and a range of offerings that suit their needs. To enhance the experience and accessibility for our patients, we’re thrilled to announce a range of exciting updates.

Lowered Prices on Kind Tree and Gage Products

We believe that quality cannabis products should be affordable and within reach for all our patients. Save up to $15 on Cartridges and up to $20 on flower! Be sure to check out your favorite location’s menu to view new pricing!

Daily Specials for Ongoing Savings

Patients can now take advantage of our daily specials, ensuring that there’s always something special available. You will always be able to walk out of the Apothecarium with a $60 quarter or $100 half ounce of littles. We’ve also got offers on cartridges and RSO Dablicator.

What This Means for Our Patients

At Apothecarium, we believe in offering more than just products. We strive to create an experience that makes your journey to wellness easier and more enjoyable. With these new specials and reduced prices, our patients can:

Access Top-Quality Products: Kind Tree and Gage products are now even more accessible, providing the same premium quality at a more affordable price.

Enjoy Daily Savings: The daily offerings ensure that there’s always a great deal available, allowing patients to explore and save on a variety of products every single day.

Mix and Match Options: For those who appreciate variety, our mix and match options enable the exploration of different strains and products without breaking the bank.

Affordable Wellness Solutions: The lowered prices and daily specials are designed to offer holistic solutions for your wellness journey without compromising on quality.

We invite all our patients to visit us at The Apothecarium locations in PA and take advantage of these incredible offerings. Our team is here to provide guidance, support, and high-quality products to suit your needs. The joy of wellness and discovery awaits you with our new prices and daily specials.

Don’t miss out on these incredible deals and the opportunity to explore a world of wellness at The Apothecarium!

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