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Dosing THC, A How-to Guide Through Journaling

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What’s Your THC Dosage? Finding What’s Right for You Through Journaling

In this crazy, busy world where we are constantly moving from one place to the next, it’s easy to lose touch with the body that propels us everywhere. Experimenting with cannabis through journaling is not only a great way to figure out your optimal dosage of THC and other cannabinoids, it can be a wonderful way for those of us who are so busy with life and technology daily to slow down, stay grounded, and regain awareness of the impact of what we consume.

It is a fact that all humans are walking chemistry experiments. Though we all have an endocannabinoid system, our reactions to cannabis and other substances will vary due to many factors: age, metabolism, our personal biome, which includes neurodiversity as well as age. For those of us with a female hormonal cycle, estrogen levels will also play a role in our response.
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Journaling is a powerful tool in experimentation because it gives the chance to reflect on ourselves and our experiences working with cannabis. You can create your own journal by just recording your impressions in a notebook and there are many beautiful journals geared towards cannabis use for sale. The goal is to find the ideal ratio of cannabinoids in the lowest dosage to create the desired reaction in the body. How do we successfully do this? By becoming more in touch with ourselves through thoughtful reflection, grounding and recording our impressions.

If it’s your first time experimenting with cannabis and you are wondering about dosing, remember to go slow and low, especially with the consumption of cannabis edibles as the wait time for effects will be 1-2 hours and typically last from 4-6 hours. Start by using a low edible dose between 2.5 and 5 mg THC.

Journaling tool for optimal dosing

Clear your mind and get back into your body. One of the factors in reporting back experiences is how distracted we are at any given moment. Start by taking a moment to ground. Take a deep breath and do a brief body and mind scan. Take a few notes about how you are feeling mentally and physically. If you are using cannabis for relief, rate how it helped on a 1-10 scale.

Track your products, dose and timing. Make note of what product you are using; what time you took the product and how much of the product (note the mg of thc and/or other cannabinoids in the dosage) you are taking.

Note how quickly or slowly you feel something. As you feel the onset of effects, make a note of how long it took to feel the product. If you have a slow metabolism, you may find it takes significantly longer to feel the effects- this is especially true with the consumption of edibles. A fast metabolism often feels the effects of cannabis products much sooner and they tend to pass more rapidly too.
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Record your impressions. Throughout the experience, write notes of what worked, what didn’t work and what you wish would have happened. If the product and dose worked well, pick out one or two other products with similar profiles to cycle into your regimen. This helps keep tolerance down as the body will get used to using the same product or strain. Alternatively, don’t be discouraged if it didn’t work out as you would have liked, you have still captured important information on how you personally metabolize cannabis and you should let your cannabis consultant know about the experience so they can make recommendations for a more appropriate edible, vape or strain as well as have a conversation about potency and dosage.

Cannabis has a wide array of effects. And the modes of use will produce different effects as they are each metabolized differently in your body. Smoking a joint or bowl of flower will feel much different than when you consume cannabis infused edibles. Even if you have a high tolerance when you smoke cannabis, you may find that your tolerance to edibles is much lower. As cannabis consumption becomes more and more widespread, the variety of products available to consumers has skyrocketed. Many resources speak to the various effects of the different products and types of cannabis, reporting how the majority of people respond to it. It’s good to know how the average person responds to the various doses, methods of use, and cannabinoids but it is more of an educated foundation for exploration not a rule of thumb. It’s up to us to research how these different substances personally affect us to make informed decisions about products for ourselves. Being aware of dosage is key for a pleasant and effective experience.

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