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Grown-Up Trick or Treating: Fun Grab Bags to Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Halloween This Year

It’s that time of the year again. The leaves are falling, pumpkin spice is in the air and it’s a great time of year for an outdoor party. For some people, there’s nothing scarier than going trick-or-treating without any weed on hand, but that doesn’t have to be the case this year- have a grab bag party with cannabis infused treats for a small group of good friends (21+ of course) or invite them to stop by for a brief trick or treat. This article will show you ways to celebrate Halloween and incorporate cannabis into your festivities.

What is a Cannabis Grab Bag Party, and Why Should You Host One This Year

A cannabis grab bag party is a fun way to incorporate cannabis into your Halloween celebration this year. Hosting one is easy, just be sure you have enough time to make your gift bags. With some preparation and creativity, you will create some great treats your guests won’t soon forget!

The only thing you’ll need for your Halloween party is cannabis goodies or treats, some packaging to distribute them in (you can use Halloween candy bags or small gift bags for this purpose), and enough holiday spirit to enjoy the evening. You can then be as creative as you want in decorating the bags with stickers or stamps that say things like “spooky”, “boo” or “on the prowl.” The cannabis grab bags themselves can be as big or as small as you want (or as you can afford), depending on how much goodies and treats you’re willing to give away, but it’s recommended that you keep them light enough for each guest to easily be able to tuck away so they don’t forget them somewhere. It’s a nice idea to give every guest at least three different products to try out.

Many companies have individually wrapped products that perfectly tuck into a grab bag, for example, cannabis edibles like single Mellows Marshmallows, or can be separated out easily like Lost Farm Chews, or mini joints like the Pure Beauty Babies and the hash-infused Garden Society Rosettes. There are so many fun options to choose from! Throw in a can of Wunder or Cann infused beverages and you have a treat that will delight everyone who stops by. Include some non-infused treats like chocolate in there as well to stave off the munchies.


Other Ways to Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Halloween Celebration This Year 

The next party idea is more challenging and time-consuming, but it’s sure to make the Halloween celebration memorable for everyone who attends (again a friendly 21+ reminder here). This can be done by setting up individual areas in your home or backyard Halloween night that are dedicated to specific types of infused products. You can label each area accordingly – gummies, chocolates, cookies, joints – and prepare the treats according to their specific category. Each guest will be asked to come up with costumes that match whichever area is assigned for them. For instance, if a guest’s goodie assignment happens to be gummy bears, then they will come dressed as a bear, ready to find the next treat. Or they could show up in their favorite cannabis themed Halloween costume. It’s fun and it makes for great photos! Include cute gift bags for filling to complete the “trick or treat” experience.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Party

If you’re hosting a Halloween cannabis party, there are some tips for success that can be applied to your party. First, make sure that you have enough time to prepare the treats. Next, find a fun and festive venue (21+) that’s well-lit and ventilated with room for everyone to hang out (and for smoking weed). You’ll also want to designate someone as an attendant or greeter so people can come up and ask questions about products without getting overwhelmed by the products themselves and celebrate Halloween responsibly. It’s also helpful if the attendant is knowledgeable about edibles and what kind of dosage each one contains (e.g., 10mg). Finally, be sure to plan to have refreshments on hand for dry mouths and the munchies, anticipating your guests’ needs is the sign of a good host. Something like water, juices or a non-infused punch as a refreshment option would be good because cannabis can be dehydrating. You can also make platters of your own cannabis infused food using pantry products like honey, olive oil or sriracha from Potli! Remember to be cautious about mixing alcohol with cannabis.

If you like to celebrate Halloween a cannabis grab bag party is great fun and an easy way to incorporate cannabis into your festivities this year! It’s not too late to get started, so if you’re interested in hosting one for yourself or with friends and family, check out our menus for some great ideas. Here’s to a fun and safe Halloween celebration!



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