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The Benefits of Humulene: A Powerhouse Terpene?

Humulene a terpene found in sage
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The Benefits of Humulene: A Powerhouse Terpene?

Humulene is a terpene found in hemp plants but also commonly found on your kitchen spice shelf in the form of ginger, clove, sage & basil! The terpene creates an earthy, herbal scent and benefits may include anti-inflammatory*, antimicrobial, and even appetite suppressant properties! Humulene has similar properties to myrcene in its relaxing effects but users may also experience a boost in creativity and a waning of anxiety too.

Because humulene has shown inhibitory effects against bacterial growth, it may become a valuable tool for fighting infection – an unlikely ally in the age of reduced antibiotic effectiveness? ** Reported benefits of humulene may also include mitigation of pain.*** With over 20% of American adults reporting pain daily,^ and the desire of many to seek more natural pain relief alternatives, it’s no wonder humulene has become a terpene of great interest and study!

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