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The Apothecarium and Social Equity — California
The Apothecarium is dedicated to Social Equity by committing itself to:
Supporting a More Equitable Cannabis Industry
Supporting Applicants
Supporting Broader Equity Goals
If you believe you qualify as an Equity Applicant or want to participate in any of the Apothecarium-led clinics, contact The Success Center.

Directly Hiring Equity Applicants

The Apothecarium regularly hires equity applicants through our established equity partners like The Success Centers (SF) and posts open positions to the First Source Hiring Portal before they are posted publicly.

Equity Brands/Products

We carry two Social Equity brands in James Henry and Sundae School (which sources flower from SF Roots).

Schedule a consultation or chat with one of our consultants via the Chat widget on our website to learn more about their products.

Discounted Marketing Rates

We offer waived or discounted marketing fees for Black-owned businesses and brands owned by people of color.

Incubation Partners

The Apothecarium has partnered with three San Francisco Equity Applicants seeking local cannabis permits to provide incubation services as per Section 1606 of the San Francisco Police Code.

The Apothecarium’s Social Equity plan aligns with the city’s equity goals, which were designed to foster equitable access to participation in the cannabis industry, including equitable access to promotional and ownership opportunities in the industry.

Part of our commitment to this work includes our Incubator agreements. The Apothecarium has committed to paying for services that directly assist Social Equity Applicants with their cannabis operations.

A total of $206,640 has been committed to three applicants.

Internal Mentorship Program

The Apothecarium’s internal Mentorship Program pairs team members (with preference given to Black employees and team members of color) with The Apothecarium leadership and executives to provide guidance, coaching, and advice.

Based mostly in mentoring as it relates to their employment, mentors guide their mentee’s workplace performance and professional development, which may help set them up for success far into the future..

Expungement Clinics

Event Details:

Law school students from Golden Gate University’s law school program volunteer their time to assist attendees at the cannabis hiring workshop help research what items are on their criminal record to help identify which items can be expunged.

They were also there for general guidance navigating the expungement process.

Professional Development,
Virtual Budding Industry

Event Details:

Hosted by the Success Center Career Center and taught by The Apothecarium’s Sales & Education Manager, Kyle Shaughnessy, this workshop focuses on easy ways to improve your workplace performance, standing out from the crowd, and growing with your business.

The ultimate goal here is to provide resources that can improve an employee’s overall performance and improve their chances of promotions.

Budding Industry Job Shop, Cannabis Hiring Workshop

Event Details:

Hosted by the Success Center Career Center. A variety of cannabis companies currently hiring in San Francisco present their available jobs to the attendees. Attendees can ask questions and compare the different jobs and employer benefits.

After the presentation, the companies will have an opportunity to individually meet with each attendee and offer interview advice and interview the attendee for the positions they are hiring to begin and expedite the interview process.

Cannabis Resume Workshop

Event Details:

Hosted by the Success Center Career Center and taught by The Apothecarium Human Resources coordinator, Peter Maxwell, this workshop teaches attendees all the basics about writing and structuring resumes, cover letters, applying and interviewing for cannabis jobs, and listing relevant work experience tailored for the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Workshop and Hiring Fair

Event Details:

Hosted by the Success Center Career Center. Learn about what it takes to be successful working in a dispensary. Hear about a day in the life of dispensary employees. What dispensaries are looking for in candidates when they are interviewing and hiring.

Dispensaries who are actively hiring will be speaking about their organizations and open jobs. The presentations are followed by a Q&A from the audience.

How to Get Hired in the Cannabis Industry

Event Details:

“Learn the basics of how to put your best foot forward when applying for entry-level jobs. Find out what employers look for on resumes, how to prepare for and execute a great interview, and why it’s important to follow up after interviews.

Learn how to present yourself as a polished professional and why that matters to employers. This program also includes a breakdown of all the current cannabis industries and the different types of positions currently available and what skills are transferable for each of the different industries.

Accounting: Learning the Numbers in Business - Part I and Part II

Event Details:

The workshops walked applicants through the basics of accounting, including discussions and analysis around income statements, balance sheets, cash flow, and start-up costs.

Attendees were shown a step-by-step guide of what information goes into these statements, why these statements are important, and how they represent the financial health of a company.

There is then a Q&A session after each workshop where attendees can clarify questions and concepts. Attendees are provided the presentation, notes, and blank accounting statements and sample statements to use on their own.

The Apothecarium’s Business Plan Writing Workshop

Event Details:

The workshop walks applicants through the tenets of creating and writing a full-fledged business plan. Starting with simple planning exercises to test the validity of a service or product.

Attendees are then shown a step-by-step guide of what goes into a business plan and how to work through each requirement.

Concepts such as operations, marketing, business structure, sales strategies, compliance and regulations, and additional topics related to starting a business are addressed. Afterward, there is a Q&A session and attendees ask questions.

The presentation and notes are available to all attendees.

Every cannabis user is a medical patient whether they know it or not.

--Dennis Peron, Godfather of Legal Cannabis Tweet


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