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Puff, Puff, Don’t Pass?

Since COVID, it hasn’t been a very comfortable thing to share a joint with somebody. We’re going out now, we’re vaccinated, we’re getting social, and one of the social aspects of cannabis has always been sharing joints, whether just for the social aspect, making a connection and a new friend, or there’s a flower that you’re really excited about and you just want to share that experience. So how do you share a flower experience with friends when you’re just not in a place where you feel comfortable sharing a joint? The answer may be as simple as picking up one of the mini preroll multipacks on our menu to enjoy and share the experience without passing the joint.

A lot of people gravitate toward the smaller joints. A popular term for mini prerolls is “dogwalkers” since it’s the perfect amount for a quick smoke when stepping outside for a brisk (or maybe leisurely- do you!) stroll. It’s also kind of nice for smokers who are not as seasoned and maybe aren’t comfortable with smoking big joints.  Smaller prerolls are a lot of people’s answer to the perfect smoke.

Just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting or potent! Case in point: the new Rosettes hash-infused joints from Garden Society.  These prerolls come in a four-pack and are available in indica, sativa and CBD. They have dry sift hash in them, so if you want to geek out on having a combination of premium full flower and hash, you can now enjoy it in smaller infused joints! The flower and the hash will come from different strains, creating a more complex experience. A good thing to know is that the CBD prerolls will be a one-to-one ratio, with the hash being THC-rich and the flowers will be a high CBD ratio. People report back that this combination has given them calm and focus, with a light lift. Ideal for a quick respite without sacrificing productivity. Alternatively, if you want to do something that’s made only of bud, Garden Society’s original Rosettes are premium full flower mini joints that are also available in indica, sativa, a high CBD ratio and come in a ten-pack.

Whether you go for hash infused or full flower, both products are perfect for sharing, they’re efficient for taking a quick step out, and they’re lovely for gifting as well. It’s nice to know that when it’s getting sunny and we’re getting the itch to go out and be social, that you can get your chill on with your favorite people without necessarily having to pass the joint. Just remember to get enough for everybody!

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