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Thank You Pocono Canna Fest

Thanks to all who visited our booth at the 2022 Pocono Canna Fest!

Come visit a SF Bay Area Apothecarium <a href=”https://apothecarium.com/” title=”dispensary near me”>dispensary near me</a> at our <a href=”https://apothecarium.com/dispensaries/castro/” title=”dispensary Castro”>Castro dispensary</a>, <a href=”https://apothecarium.com/dispensaries/berkeley/” title=”dispensary Berkeley”>Berkeley dispensary</a>, <a href=”https://apothecarium.com/dispensaries/marina/” title=”dispensary Marina”>Marina dispensary</a>, <a href=”https://apothecarium.com/dispensaries/soma/” title=”dispensary Soma”>Soma dispensary</a> and <a href=”https://apothecarium.com/dispensaries/capitola/” title=”dispensary Capitola”>Capitola dispensary</a> locations in San Francisco California.

If you are visiting our other locations in Pennsylvania and New jersey you might want to see what we have at our <a href=”https://apothecarium.com/dispensaries/phillipsburg/” title=”dispensary Phillipsburg”>Phillipsburg dispensary</a>, <a href=”https://apothecarium.com/dispensaries/maplewood/” title=”dispensary Maplewood”>Maplewood dispensary</a> and the <a href=”https://apothecarium.com/dispensaries/lodi/” title=”dispensary Lodi”>Lodi dispensary</a> in NJ. Or check out our Pennsylvania locations at our <a href=”https://apothecarium.com/dispensaries/lancaster/” title=”dispensary Lancaster”>Lancaster dispensary</a>, <a href=”https://apothecarium.com/dispensaries/thorndale/” title=”dispensary Thorndale”>Thorndale dispensary</a> and the <a href=”https://apothecarium.com/dispensaries/plymouth-meeting/” title=”dispensary Plymouth Meeting”>Plymouth Meeting dispensary</a> in PA.


Couldn’t make it out but looking to learn more about MMJ?  Try our Educational Guide found here for an immersive and easy to consume facts. 

Until next year!

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