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New Jersey Medical Cannabis Laws

New Jersey medical Marijuana Laws
New Jersey Medical Cannabis Laws


In 2010, then-governor Jon Corzine finalized the legalization of medical cannabis in New Jersey, becoming the 14th state to approve such directives. As long as you have a Medical Cannabis Card, you can purchase the drug at a dispensary in the state.


After 12 long years of debates and delays, the Garden State finally made it legal to use pot for personal and recreational purposes. Naturally, you will still have to follow New Jersey medical cannabis laws.


Read on to discover some tips for buying and using cannabis in NJ.


Overview: Medical Cannabis Rules


Whether you want to buy medical cannabis in Phillipsburg, Maplewood, or Lodi, you should follow state laws. After all, lawmakers developed New Jersey’s Medicinal Cannabis Program to help patients safely shop for medical cannabis from regulated facilities.


As a general rule, patients can buy up to 3 oz of medical cannabis from healthcare specialists per month. They can visit any state-licensed NJ Alternative Treatment Center (ATC) to fill their cannabis orders. Patients who cannot travel to such a store can designate caregivers to buy cannabis-based medicine for them.


Medical Cannabis Guidelines


If you’re a registered patient under the Medicinal Cannabis Program (MCP), following New Jersey cannabis-related laws is crucial. They’re there to keep individuals like you safe from health and legal risks.


Below are a few guidelines to remember.


  • 1. You and your caregivers should have your MCP cards with you at all times, along with proper identification.
  • 2. Do not transfer medical cannabis from its original packaging.
  • 3. It’s best to only use your cannabis-based medicines at home, except for extraordinary circumstances.
  • 4. Avoid transporting your medical cannabis from home. Remember that any amount of cannabis on you can attract unwanted police attention. Also, moving such products across state lines is illegal.
  • 5. Never share your stash with anyone — even family members. Only you should consume the products you purchase from a dispensary.
  • 6. It’s illegal to smoke on federal lands, in buildings, and also in moving vehicles.
  • 7. It’s also illegal to operate automobiles while on medicinal cannabis.
  • 8. Currently, the law does not allow New Jersey residents to grow cannabis at home.
  • 9. If you have medicinal cannabis, you don’t want to use, return it to an ATC. Just as you do when you buy these items, you should also bring a valid state-issued ID.

Overview: Recreational Cannabis Rules


After 12 years of legalizing medical cannabis, the state finally legalized its use for recreational purposes in April of 2022. New Jersey residents overwhelmingly approved this move, which was an obvious choice for state officials.


New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement, Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization (CREAMM) Act has legalized the sale and use of cannabis products for people aged 21 years and above. The state will follow the newly adopted NJ-CRC rules to regulate the NJ cannabis industry.


Frequently Asked Questions About Recreational Cannabis Use


Below are some of the most common questions about recreational cannabis laws.


Who Can Buy Cannabis?


Anyone of legal age — residents and visitors alike — can buy cannabis.


Where Can I Buy Cannabis?


You can buy cannabis-based products from a NJ dispensary.


How Much Cannabis Can I Buy?


No matter how diverse their menu is, dispensaries can only legally release an ounce of cannabis every transaction. This amount equates to one dried flower, five grams of concentrates, or 1,000 mg of ingestible items like gummies. Dispensaries can mix and match these products as long as they don’t exceed the allowed amount.


You will also find weed in vape formulas, tinctures, syringes, and some types of edibles like gummies. You can’t find perishable edibles, like brownies, in dispensaries.


How Much Are Cannabis Products?


Prices depend on the product you’re buying and the location. However, all transactions will include 6.625% sales tax and a social equity excise fee worth ⅓ or 1% of the purchase.


Where Can I Smoke My Cannabis?


You can only smoke cannabis in private areas. However, landlords have the right to forbid its use in their properties.


Can I Bring My Purchases to Another State?


No, it is illegal to transport cannabis — even the medical variety — across state lines.


Can I Drive While High?


No, you may not drive while high. Doing so is illegal.


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