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How to apply for a Medical Cannabis Card in New Jersey

How to Apply for a Medical Card in NJ


  • Maintain a bonafide relationship with a physician who is registered with the New Jersey Division of Medicinal Marijuana (NJDMM).
  • Be a New Jersey resident.
  • Suffer from one or more of the 17 approved debilitating medical conditions.
  • Have your doctor with whom you maintain a bonafide relationship with certify with the New Jersey Division of Medicinal Cannabis that you may receive medical cannabis to treat your condition.
    1. The doctor will do this online – https://njmmp.nj.gov/njmmp/
    2. The doctor will provide you (the patient) with a reference number.
  • After you (the patient) attain the reference number from your doctor, you use it to register on https://njmmp.nj.gov/njmmp/
  • After registering, the NJDMM will review the registration and contact you (the patient) via email (if approved) to pay the applicable fee
  • After paying the fee, you (the patient) will receive your State issued patient card in the mail.
  • You (the patient) do not need to activate your card, (although you may need to call the NJDMM to verify you received it). You can immediately call the ATC you registered with to make an appointment.

Medical Rules


  • Have an approved physician certify that you suffer from one of the debilitating medical conditions that qualify for medical cannabis use under the New Jersey Division of Medicinal Marijuana. You will be provided a reference number from your physician.


  • Patients will pay $100 every 2 years ($20 if REDUCED FEE ELIGIBLE). Once you have received an email from the Department of Health approving your application, you will be able to pay for your Medical Cannabis ID card.

Medical Cannabis Card Application Process

  • Attending Physician Statement with a reference number. Note: if a patient does not get a reference number from their doctor, they will not be able to register. The reference number is printed on the Attending Physician Statement.
  • Go to the Patient and Caregiver Registry and fill out your information to create a patient profile.
  • Return to the Patient and Caregiver Registry and pay a $100 fee every 2 years ($20 if reduced fee eligible) fee to obtain a medical marijuana card.
  • Visit The Apothecarium NJ with your new ID card!

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