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The Apothecarium & MEND Address Hunger Insecurity

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How The Apothecarium aids hunger relief efforts in New Jersey

The Apothecarium was a proud sponsor of The Maplewood Chili Cookoff, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide healthy, nutritious food to local families who need it most. All the proceeds (100%) from the event went directly to The MEND hunger relief network of Essex County.
This year, the Maplewood Chili Cookoff raised an impressive $13,000 for MEND. There were over 30 chilis entered in the contest and more than 300 people came out to support the cause and enjoy a variety of flavors and styles of homemade chili. The event was a huge success in terms of raising money for MEND and bringing the community together for a fun and tasty event. Congratulations to the participants, winners, and organizers of the 2023 Chili Cookoff.

    Why should you consider donating to MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity)?

  • 1. Addressing food insecurity: MEND works to help vulnerable populations, including low-income families, seniors, and homeless individuals to ensures they have access to nutritious food and basic necessities.

  • 2. Providing basic necessities: In addition to food, MEND also provides clothing, medical care, job training, and other essential services to those in need.

  • 3. Community impact: MEND is a community-based organization that relies on the support of individuals and businesses to carry out it’s mission. MEND helps strengthen the community by providing resources to those in need and creating opportunities for volunteerism and community involvement.

  • 4. Efficiency and transparency: MEND has a strong reputation for efficiency and transparency in its operations. It has received high ratings from charity watchdog organizations for its responsible use of funds and commitment to transparency. This ensures that your contribution will be used effectively and responsibly.

Donating to MEND hunger relief network is an effective way to make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable populations in New Jersey. Donations can be made here: Donate – MEND Hunger Relief Network of Essex County, NJ (mendnj.org)

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