Medium compares our high end retail experience to shopping at Whole Foods. Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“Curious if anyone has visited Apothecarium? It’s a high-end marijuana retail experience in SF and beyond. While I don’t partake, I visited with a friend who does, and saw the Nordstrom quality layout, attentive greeters, well lit area. We checked in, the greeter took us to a modern lounge, till we were called to the counter to the counter where we met a well groomed professional who offered my friend a menu. She asked questions like ‘What type of mood are you seeking? Energy, focus, relaxation, sleep aids?’ She pulled out a lengthy menu, and then offered small vials to smell the organic buds. The experience was akin to high-end fashion retail meets a Napa wine bar. The modern commercialization of Marijuana is here.”

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