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Forget the Gummies: Cannabis Consumers with a Sweet Tooth Will Love These Chocolate Edibles


“I’m also a big fan of Valhalla products, including the Valhalla Dark Chocolate. It’s surprisingly rich, smooth and creamy, which isn’t what you’d always expect from a dark chocolate—especially one that’s infused with THC. This brand also carries some other interesting flavors, including brown butter and sea salt along with strawberry cheesecake. However, the dark chocolate is the way to go if you want to keep things unfussy but still flavorful. You can taste the cannabis in this chocolate, but the flavor isn’t overwhelming. In fact, it adds another layer that complements the bitterness of the dark chocolate well.”


Valhalla Dark Chocolate bars are made with edible local dark chocolate (54%) and are silky smooth. They are infused with premium-grade dispensary cannabis and are a cinch to parse into smaller doses. This chocolate is relaxing, yet induces a pleasant lift—perfect as an after-dinner dessert or addition to coffee or ice cream! Vegan.
10mg THC Per Serving
100mg THC Per Package
Semisweet Chocolate (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, potassium carbonate, lecithin, sunflower and/or soya) vanilla), Cannabis.Thanks to Samantha Maxwell for her recent review in Paste Magazine on our Valhalla brand of infused chocolate bars.


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