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Evocative Geraniol: The Terpene That Keeps On Giving?

Geraniol terpenes
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Evocative Geraniol: The Terpene That Keeps On Giving?

The Geraniol terpene is a little-known but incredibly useful terpene that can be found in many essential oils. This terpene has a lovely floral aroma and can be used to make scented candles, perfumes, soaps, and cosmetics. It’s also effective against certain types of bacteria, making it a great natural disinfectant.*

When it comes to essential oils, geraniol is a powerhouse, very common in traditional Chinese medicine used for over a millennium. Geraniol benefits may include improved circulation, reducing inflammation, and providing pain relief.** Geraniol is also known to be an effective bug repellent, found naturally in the citronella plant and natural mosquito repellents like sprays and candles!

Geraniol is derived from flower found at The Apothecarium but also the common geranium which has a strong floral aroma with hints of rose. Geraniol may be great for relaxation but also amplify the flavors of many citrus fruits.

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