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Eucalyptol Terpenes Little Known Benefits?

Eucalyptol Terpenes
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Eucalyptol Terpenes Little Known Benefits?

Eucalyptol is a terpene found in many plants, and especially abundant in eucalyptus trees and rosemary.  Eucalyptol has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties and may also boost immunity.*  Curious to learn more? Let’s dive in and learn about other ways eucalyptol may benefit your health!

When Eucalyptol oils are inhaled, they may help improve breathing and provide relief from congestion. This could make it especially beneficial for those suffering from conditions like asthma, bronchitis or experiencing respiratory challenges from the common cold or flu.

In addition to its possible respiratory benefits, eucalyptol has also been shown to have analgesic effects.**  Little known secret, Euclyptol can be found in many over the counter mouthwashes and cough suppressants as well!***

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