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Dream Candy Strain from Gage Cannabis

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Dream Candy – Strain of the Week

Need some help to fall or stay asleep? Puff puff some Dream Candy and have the sweetest dreams! This indica dominant cultivar is a combination of Skywalker and Dolato, with a flavor profile featuring distinct sweet and fruity flavors, and a hint of candy-like sweetness. This strain may help relieve symptoms associated with chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Customers who like Skywalker and Lip Smacker strains may also enjoy Dream Candy.
dream candy strain

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Cannaculture’s rich history that has evolved over the decades is steeped with world class cannabis genetics.

From the legacy to now legal markets, the culture has blossomed to include household brand names who cultivate consumer love for the plant and respect for the potency of the flower.

GAGE is itself a household name revered for its high quality cannabis flower that is unmatched by any of our competitors. In additional, GAGE’s award winning retail stores house many of the industry’s leading brands, providing customers with a best-in-class experience starting at a GAGE retail site all the way through to the premium cannabis they light.

GAGE is premium cannabis.
GAGE grows world class genetics.
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GAGE is a community leader.

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