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The Best of Seasonal Cannabis-Infused Products for the 2021 Holidays

Holidays are a time for family, friends, and generosity. But who says you can’t celebrate with a bit of lift? We’ve got the perfect gifts to help even the most jaded adult take in all that holiday cheer! Whether you’re holiday shopping for a gift for your boss, your mother or that hard-to-shop-for friend – there’s something out there for everyone this year. Check it out!

What are the best cannabis-infused products for this holiday season?

We’ve been anticipating with delight this one time a year when some of our favorite companies reveal their tasty seasonal creations. This year, so many beautiful products are arriving in our stores just in time for Thanksgiving. If you’re looking for a gift, you’ll be sure to find something they’ll love, from the beginner to the cannabis connoisseur. If you’re looking for something special to try for yourself- we’ve got you there too. From edibles that lend relaxation to family gatherings to ringing in New Year’s Eve with something bubbly and lifted- this year’s treats will have you prepared.

Popular Cannabis-infused Products Featured for the 2021 Holiday Season

Big Pete’s Holiday Sugar Cookies

100 mg THC per bag / 10mg THC per cookie

Craving a little something special to have by the fire on Christmas Eve? These indica dominant sugar cookies are so festive with their red sugar crystals. Perfect with a cup of hot cocoa or as dessert! If you’re looking for a classic, nostalgic cannabis treat or special gift, these cookies are perfect. Don’t leave any for Santa though, you might find him snuggled up on your couch!

CANN Cranberry Sage 6-pack

2mg THC + 4mg CBD per can

This winter seasonal flavor balances sweet and tart cranberry juice with a touch of savory sage. This low-dosed drink will give you the perfect elevated buzz for your festive occasions and ringing in the New Year. It’s also an excellent product for people just starting out with their cannabis experimentation. Lift without a hangover on New Year’s Day? Sign us up!

KIVA Peppermint Bark Chocolate Bar

100mg THC per bar / 5mg THC per serving

Back for the 2021 holiday season! This dark chocolate with white chocolate and chunks of peppermint candy is perfect for that 21yrs+ stocking stuffer. Handcrafted with cold water cannabis hash and sustainably sourced premium cacao.

KIVA Peppermint Pattie Terra Bites

100mg THC per tin / 5mg THC per bite

Proof that good things come in small packages, these chocolate-covered peppermint bites are handcrafted with cold water cannabis hash from Nasha and sustainably sourced premium cacao. Perfect for a wide range of cannabis tolerances and sharing.

Mellows Mint Chip SUPER Mellow

100mg THC per SUPER Mellow / 25mg THC per section

Limited Edition Holiday Flavor! This giant minty marshmallow is topped with semisweet chocolate chips for a delicious, wintry combination. A single gourmet marshmallow contains 100mg of THC and is perforated into four sections of 25mg THC. Super Mellows are infused with solventless hash from Frenchy Cannoli, producing an elevated, relaxed, and psychoactive effect. Enjoy it on its own, in s’mores or as a sweet stoney topper to your favorite hot chocolate recipe. Best for experienced consumers and those who are acutely aware of those tolerance levels. Gluten-free. Handcrafted in San Francisco.

Mellows 12pk Assortment

60mg per package / 5mg THC per Mellow

A delicious jewel box of delight featuring Mellow’s best-selling signature flavors: Birthday Cake, Brown Butter Sage, and Strawberry Shortcake. Mellows are infused with solventless hash from Frenchy Cannoli, producing an elevated, relaxed, and psychoactive effect. This gluten-free sweet box is perfect for wrapping under the tree or as a gift to your favorite party host. Handcrafted in San Francisco.

How to Properly Store Cannabis Edibles 

It’s essential to know how to store these items properly so they last longer and no one accidentally eats them without knowing what they are. One way you can do this is by keeping them in a secured dark, dry and cool space separate from uninfused foods. If you are keeping them out to share at a 21 and over event, clearly label what is infused with cannabis and the dosage. Edibles these days taste so good that it can be hard to tell they have cannabis in them. No one likes to get high without knowledge of dosage and consent!

Tips on how to incorporate cannabis into your festivities without getting too high or paranoid

1) Keep it low dose- You can always take more if you feel like it, but be sure to wait until you feel the full effects. Watch out for overindulging; too much THC can make you feel very uncomfortable and even sick in some cases. Slow and low is the way to go, especially in social settings.


2) Be aware of what you’re eating and drinking. Mixing alcohol and cannabis is a tricky thing and something we don’t recommend. If you choose to indulge in both, make sure you have your cannabis first and see how you feel.  


3) Have lots of things to munch on and drink- food tastes fantastic when you’re high, and you want to have nonalcoholic beverages on hand to get rid of dry mouth. BTW, one favorite holiday treat, chocolate, boosts the anandamide (an endogenous cannabinoid) levels in your body- which is why you feel so good when you eat it!


Getting creative with cannabis gifts will give your friends something to experience and talk about. With so many beautiful choices, it can be challenging to figure out which ones to take home but don’t worry, we are here to discuss products and help you put together some fun presents that will add sparkle to your holidays and delight every adult on your gift list!




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