What does recreational mean for Nevada medical marijuana patients?

As we transition into recreational this Saturday, July 1st it's important for our Las Vegas patients to not only understand that we are remaining patient first, but to understand how recreational affects them. We have some great news that our patients will be happy to hear, and some realities which we want to prepare them for. Below are a number of changes coming with recreational, if anyone has any additional questions please reach out to info@apothecariumlv.com.


The Apothecarium Las Vegas will be open on July 1st for both recreational and medical! While this is an exciting historic time, we want to let medical patients know they can expect the same compassionate care. The Apothecarium will remain “patient first,” dedicated towards providing a professional, welcoming environment for our patients to obtain their medicine comfortably.

We do expect an increase in traffic during the first few days of recreational sales, and we want to extend a 10% discount off all purchases for patients tomorrow Thursday, June 29th and Friday, June 30th so they can obtain their medicine comfortably, without potentially longer wait times. We are looking forward to serving the new recreational market, and extending our knowledge and service to our new guests. Join us in celebrating the end of cannabis prohibition in Nevada.


Starting July 1st there will be no more purchase tracking. While Nevada patients formerly had a 70.87 gram limit every two weeks and were tracked via the state portal, they will now skip the constant tracking and will be able to check in with ease. The state has imposed a one (1) ounce limit per transaction. It is important to note that patients will still maintain a 2.5 ounce limit for possession.


The Nevada Department of Taxation has removed the 2% excise tax on medical marijuana, meaning that patients will simply pay the 8.25% Nevada sales tax. Recreational consumers will pay a 10% excise tax, totalling 18.25%.


The Nevada state senate approved a bill which lowered the state fee for medical marijuana cards to $50. This will allow much more affordable Nevada medical marijuana cards for our Las Vegas patients, and will ease access to safe medicine. With the combination of lower prices, and more affordable medical marijuana cards we are encouraging our patients to keep their cards.


With recreational, any adult over the age of 21 will be able to purchase cannabis legally after July 1st. This opens up the potential for a large influx of volume, creating potentially longer wait times. In order for our patients to obtain their medicine comfortably, we are extending 10% off all orders tomorrow Thursday, June 29th and Friday, June 30th so they can avoid a longer wait.

We are also encouraging patients to visit us during our lower volume days Monday through Wednesday. Las Vegas is a tourist driven city, and there are the potential for higher volumes on the weekends starting on Thursdays. Our patients come first, and we will do everything in our power to keep wait times to a minimum. We are also offering private consultations by appointment which will allow for intimate consultations away from the potentially larger crowds.


Our patients can still order delivery or order online for in-store pickup. Both options will assist in avoiding potentially longer lines. For our in-store pickup, orders will be ready within 15 minutes and must be made before 9 PM. When you check in at the front, let our friendly admin know that you have an order for pickup and we will facilitate payment quickly so you can enjoy your medicine.

Delivery is currently only for Nevada medical marijuana patients and recreational consumers with a valid ID who are 21 years of age and older (except Henderson, and at gaming locations). If you are ordering online your medicine will arrive in under two hours. Place your order before 7pm for same day delivery. To order, register online here.

New patients must present their medical marijuana patient cards or recommendations and ID to delivery driver for verification. Recreational consumers will need to provide their ID to the delivery driver for verification. Deliveries are cash only, and our delivery drivers do not carry change. No debit cards or credit cards are accepted at this time.


One of the tougher realities of recreational sales is that there will be higher prices on medicine. The Nevada Department of Taxation has imposed a 15% tax on wholesale across medical and recreational, which will increase the prices of medicine overall on both sides. While we do expect an increase in price, we are doing our absolute best to keep prices reasonable, and keep affordable medication on our shelves. After the initial launch of recreational, we are hoping to see an increase in marijuana production, which will aid in lowering costs.

We hope we’ve helped answer some questions about the transition to recreational, and again want to extend an open line of communication -- please email us at info@apothecariumlv.com or call us at (702) 778-7987 and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have. We’d like to thank our patients for an amazing year and a half. We will never forget the amazing memories we’ve shared, and all of the deserving patients we’ve helped. We will continue to put our patients first, and ensure you have a home to obtain your medicine comfortably.

Let’s celebrate the end of cannabis prohibition together.

Best regards,

Matt with The Apothecarium

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