the apothecarium las vegas a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary's very own sage discusses utilizing cannabis for creativity

Sage (There She is Art) is one of our passionate and hardworking staff members and a skilled artist. She was named Vegas Seven’s “Best Street Artist You Don’t Know,” and has an eclectic portfolio ranging from hand-drawn street art, to one-of-a-kind, eye catching paintings. In her own words Sage discusses medicating with cannabis for creativity, and what works best when she creates her art.

Mixing cannabis with your creative process can be a process in itself. Finding the right dose to enhance your ability to create without hindering your artistic senses can be challenging. Cannabis is known for helping with divergent thinking, allowing you to open your mind to new ways of thought. It can help quiet your “inner editor” with the release of dopamine, filling you with a sense of calm, reducing your inhibitions, and allowing you to feel more confident with experimentation.

Cannabis and creativity have been bound together by myth and legend; with many famous artistic visionaries attributing cannabis to their inspiration. It’s tempting to think that getting high is going to automatically invigorate your creative juices. Some make the mistake of thinking the more to take, the more brilliant your ideas are going to be. Howevermore isn’t always the answer to cracking open your hidden creativity. In fact, too heavy of a dose can stifle it.

When learning to mix cannabis with the creative arts, I have had both positive and negative experiences. Everyone will have to go through the trial and error of finding a dose which works for them and a method which they find comfortable. Also, different methods of medicating can cause different effects and you need to figure out what works best for you. Maybe edibles loosen you up when playing an instrument, or the cerebral high of a sativa smoke inspires brainstorming for a writing project.

For me, edibles can be a tricky way to medicate for detailed painting. Often times too high of a dose can lead to both excessive head and body highs, causing me to be either distracted or paint sloppy as my motor skills diminish. Smoking or vaping has been the best way for me to medicate when being creative. I am able to feel the effects immediately and easily regulate my dosage.

When in the middle of working on a piece of art, emotions can be intense and when i spend hours focusing on a work any little error can cause me to freak out. Is this going to come together? How will I adjust an error? Will this project take forever? All feelings of anxiety.

I find a 1:1 combo with THC and CBD helps me relax and feel more open to the uncertainties that lay ahead in the artistic process. THC helps open my thought processes, but the CBD helps keep me calm and focused, allowing me to enjoy the cerebral effects of THC.

Finding your creative path with cannabis is a journey worth taking. I hope that my experiences will help others feel more comfortable with the process of discovering what works for them. Keep on creating!

- Sage (There She is Art)

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