Cannabis Infused Artisan Gummies by Valhalla are available at The Apothecarium

We are happy to introduce Valhalla gummies! Originating from California, Valhalla offers artisan edibles that are gluten free, made with organic ingredients, all while maintaining eco-friendly practices. Their gummies come in packs of 10 in easily manageable ~10 mg doses (~100 mg/pack).

Valhalla was established in 2014 and has consistently remained committed to their consumer's needs. They take pride in their products, and it's evident by the quality of their confections.

We're now carrying three delectable flavors of their gummies, Tangerine, Sour Watermelon, and Tropical Twist. Be sure to check our website's menu and weedmaps menu to keep updated on the full details. We'd like to extend a warm welcome to Valhalla, and are happy to expand upon our edible selection for our patients.