the apothecarium las vegas, a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary discusses the benefits of legalization

This fall Nevada voters will decide if all adults should have access to marijuana -- no prescription required. We all know some people who just don’t like marijuana and can’t imagine voting for legalization. I think even those folks should vote in support of legal cannabis. Here are five reasons why:

1. Legalization is good for the economy. Legal marijuana will bring in $60 million in tax revenue, with $20 million going directly to schools. Our state needs that money. Legalization will also create an estimated $1.1 billion in overall economic activity. That’s a lot of jobs.

2. Legalization is bad for street dealers. Dispensaries take an important revenue stream away from dealers. This should reduce the number of dealers on the street and mean fewer people peddling hard drugs.

3. Legalization saves lives. Speaking of hard drugs: states that legalize medical marijuana see a 25% drop in overdose deaths from opioids like OxyContin and Percocet, according to the Journal of The American Medical Association. Just think how many lives could be saved with full legalization.

4. Legalization means safer products. Today, people who purchase black market marijuana are at risk for consuming pesticides, growth hormones and heavy metals. Under legalization, all marijuana produced in the state of Nevada will be lab tested for contaminants.

5. Legalization will go smoothly. Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska have all legalized marijuana. The sky has not fallen. It will not fall in Nevada either. It will still be illegal to use marijuana in public, to sell it to children and to drive under the influence.

If you know a Nevada voter who is undecided or against Question 2 -- please send them this post!

- Foster Boone, General Manager