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 SmokeScreens is a series of hand-printed, small batch screen prints illustrating the most popular cannabis strains of today. Drawing inspiration from the psychedelic aesthetic of the 1960s, SmokeScreens references history and feelings of nostalgia surrounding cannabis culture in the Bay Area. This series of prints addresses the archaic and rampant use of the overly sexualized female figure as a marketing technique used by many cannabis corporations. SmokeScreens illustrates popular cannabis strains, without the use of the sexualized female figure, calling attention to the smoke screen these companies promote as equality and feminism, when in reality is often just T&A. 

Olivia Louise is an art student and cannabis professional residing in the San Francisco. She is a senior at California College of the Arts as an individualized major, specializing in illustration and screen printing. Originally from Detroit, Olivia moved to San Francisco to pursue a career in cannabis and it is her personal mission to fight misogyny and sexism within the industry. When she’s not slaving away in the studio, Olivia is also a Field Marketer for the cannabis brand, Sunday Goods or hitting your local bass music show.

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