Windows for Harvey is a neighborhood-wide celebration honoring Harvey Milk around the time of his birthday on May 22. Participating neighborhood merchants and artist-designers will create installations inspired by Harvey and his legacy. 

Pictured here: Panaramic by Danyol Leon 240" x 60"

Panaramic tells a story about how Harvey Milk influenced me as a young, gay man, and my attempts to connect with queer identity. It exposes not just my love and adoration for queer culture but also my anxiety and trepidation as a mixed race Latinx artist trying to understand my place within these communities. The bold brush strokes of Harvey's portrait call out the accessible nature of my queer iconography while the dripping lines symbolize the fluidity of my cultural and societal ambiguity. I have utilized the color palates of 3 queer flags that speak to the nature of who Harvey was fighting for while in politics; Trans rights, sexual rights, and queer visibility. -Danyol Leon

Danyol Leon is a San Francisco-based, multidisciplinary, Latinx artist that has been active in the Bay Area arts community for over 16 years. His saccharine, pop-influenced mixed media art utilizes bright colors and cartoon-like figures to explore intersectional identity and the inconsistencies in our social fabric. Danyol has hosted over 30 solo exhibitions at venues like SF AIDS Foundation’s Strut, The W Hotel, San Francisco, Counterpulse and Nickelodeon Studios; and has participated in extensive group shows at venues like SOMArts Cultural Center, 111 Minna, and The Center for Sex and Culture. His work was included in 1800 Tequila’s Essential Artist Series and he was named a featured artist by Redbull in 2007. Danyol is also an active musician in the band Muñecas and performs as the drag queen Tamale Ringwald.

Instagram: @danyolleon