Sara never thought she would be a medical marijuana patient. Her fight with cancer changed her mind. Today she's healthy and helping others navigate the same journey.

Dorothy Parker famously joked that the two most beautiful words in the English language are “check enclosed.” But today, we’ve got a much, much better word: “REMISSION.” Sara Payan came to The Apothecarium as a stage III colon cancer patient while she was in the midst of chemotherapy. She ended up becoming part of our family -- as a Senior Patient Consultant and our Public Education Officer. Earlier this year Sara got word from her oncologist: she has been cancer free for 6.5 years and is officially in remission. Tears. Of. Joy.

Sara has helped thousands of patients from behind the counter of The Apothecarium and through her classes, speeches and outreach to health care providers. Learn more about her story in this video.