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Best Weed Dispensaries Near Me

Best weed dispensary near me

Do you find yourself asking, “What are the Best Weed Dispensaries Near Me”? Whether you are a long-term dispensary shopper or new to the dispensary shopping experience it can be overwhelming. Not only is there an abundance of product types, brands, and consumption methods, but each municipality can also have its own regulations and tax codes We’re here to help you with this process.

When choosing a dispensary you may want to approach it from the following requirements; quality and education, your needs as a customer, and convenience.

What to look for in a good dispensary
Quality, while subjective at times there are key areas of a dispensary you can evaluate for quality. These include an educated team that can answer your questions as you learn about their cannabis offerings. Ask your budtender about where the cannabis they carry is from, whether is it sun grown or indoor, as well as what types of strains each brand specializes in.

Consider who you are as a consumer and what your needs are. Do you fall into any of the following categories?


Understanding your needs and previous experience with cannabis can help your process in selecting the cannabis that will be best for you. Your budtender or consultant may be able to tell you how other customers similar to you navigated choosing strains that matched their needs and lifestyle.

Finding the right dispensary 

With so many new and emerging dispensaries to choose from it can be overwhelming at times. First, see if there are dispensaries convenient to where you live. Explore their online menu to get familiar with products. If you feel intimidated to go in person, many dispensaries also offer online chat to answer questions. Remember, dispensaries are familiar with receiving many questions from customers; this is why they exist – to help you find the best quality cannabis.

Finally here are a few more considerations for finding the best dispensary:

Location – Is the location convenient to your home or workplace? Is it somewhere that you could couple with other shopping visits such as groceries? 

Hours – You want to make sure that the hours are convenient so that you can give yourself time to review the menu, ask questions and explore the offerings of the dispensary. 

Selection – Is there a good balance of flower, tinctures, edibles, drinks, and topicals on the menu? Cannabis is a category that has a wealth of product innovation that is exciting for customers to explore.

When used correctly, cannabis has the potential to change lives. Cannabis extracts are available in all forms. No matter your preference, there is a product for you. The best weed dispensaries may be nearby. The Apothecarium delivers both a premium selection and impeccable service that will keep you coming back for more. Find a location near you:

Dispensaries in Santa Cruz

Apothecarium Capitola

Dispensaries in Berkeley

Apothecarium Berkeley

Dispensaries in SF

Apothecarium Castro

Apothecarium Marina

Apothecarium SoMa

On the east coast? We’ve got you covered with dispensaries in NJ:

Apothecarium Lodi

Apothecarium Maplewood

Apothecarium Philipsburg

Use our store locator to find cannabis shops near you:

All Stores

State Flower Cannabis and Apothecarium Grinder


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