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Ayr Dispensary vs The Apothecarium Dispensary

The Apothecarium vs Ayr Wellness Dispensaries

New Jersey & Pennsylvania are home to many different dispensaries, each with their own unique atmosphere and selection of products. In this blog post, we’ll compare and contrast these two dispensaries to help you decide which one is right for you.

Comparing The Apothecarium vs Ayr Wellness Dispensary Locations

When selecting a dispensary, proximity to your home or office may play an important factor in your choice.  In this department, both The Apothecarium and Ayr Wellness offer a variety of convenient locations across markets they share in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  In Pennsylvania, Ayr Wellness has locations across the State whereas The Apothecarium has focused on more density in the middle and east of the State.  In New Jersey both dispensary chains have three locations with all appearing in the middle to Northern part of the State.

  The Apothecarium Dispensaries Ayr Wellness Dispensaries
Pennsylvania Dispensary Locations Plymouth Meeting PA, Lancaster PA, Allentown PA, Stroudsburg PA, Bethlehem PA, Thorndale PA New Castle PA, Allegheny County PA, Indiana County PA, Centre County PA, Plymouth Meeting PA, Bryn Mawr PA, Montgomeryville PA, Snyder County PA, Columbia County PA
New Jersey Dispensary Locations Phillipsburg NJ, Lodi NJ, Maplewood NJ Woodbridge NJ, Union NJ, Eatontown NJ


Comparing The Apothecarium vs Ayr Wellness In-Store experience

The in-store experience for both dispensary chains focus on catering to both medical and recreational customers.  Ayr Wellness is designed to get the customer in and out quickly, whereas The Apothecarium strikes a balance between speed, personal attention and customer education.  Ayr Wellness utilizes a bank of self-serve kiosks, allowing the customer order easily.  Whereas The Apothecarium offers Budtender assisted guidance at the counter or through tablets positioned around the store.  This Summer The Apothecarium will also offer kiosk ordering for added convenience.  Lastly unique to The Apothecarium locations is the view & sniff ‘Budbar’, allowing customers to not only see the flower but also smell it.  These Budbars have quickly become a customer favorite.

Comparing The Apothecarium vs Ayr Wellness Online Ordering

Both dispensary chains offer the ability to pre-order online with local pick-up later at the dispensary.  The Apothecarium however also offers a handy iOS app available from the Apple App store.  Both websites offer a mobile response design, perfect for desktop, tablet and phone viewing.

Comparing The Apothecarium vs Ayr Wellness Payment Methods

Both dispensary chains offer Cash & CanPay options for payment.

Comparing The Apothecarium vs Ayr Wellness Products & Selection

The Apothecarium’s parent company Terrascend grows and manufactures the products available at their retail locations, ensuring both quality and price competitiveness.  The Apothecarium carries a host of house Brands, including exclusive licenses from Cookies and Wana (late-Spring release).  In addition to their house brands they offer other favorites in the pre-roll, edible, concentrate and flower categories.

Ayr Wellness stands out in their selection of CBD products and many of the house Brands available at The Apothecarium can also be found at Ayr, including Kind Tree, Valhalla and more.  Much like The Apothecarium, Ayr Wellness grows and manufacturers some of their own products, through their parent company Garden State Dispensary.

Comparing The Apothecarium vs Ayr Wellness Loyalty rewards

Both Ayr Wellness and The Apothecarium offer versions of a loyalty program, with both accruing loyalty points for each dollar spent online and in-store.  Both programs are available for medical Patients and recreational customers.  The programs differ however in their redemption levels.

  The Apothecarium Dispensary – Loyalty Program Ayr Wellness Dispensary – Loyalty Program
Loyalty Reward Levels 500 points = $25 off

1000 points = $50 off

2000 points = $100 off

250 points = $10 off

500 points = $30 off

1000 points = $80 off

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