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Beginner’s Guide to Concentrates

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We sat down with our Purchasing Manager Nick Wells for a beginner’s guide to concentrates. Here’s what he had to say.

“A cannabis concentrate is the oil extraction from the cannabis plant, leaving behind pure cannabinoids and terpenes in high potency. The most common extraction methods are hydrocarbon extraction (most commonly referred to as BHO) and CO2 extraction. Also becoming increasingly more popular, is refining those oils further; into what’s known as a distillate. Each type of extraction carries unique consistencies and are used for various functions. While hydrocarbon extracts are normally dabbed, CO2 and distillate are typically used for vape pens, edible infusions, and other applications. When put into an applicator or syringe however, CO2 and distillate can be dabbed as well.

Source: HSH Nevada

Source: HSH Nevada

That begs the question, what is dabbing? Dabbing is the act of vaporizing a concentrate, by placing it on a heated surface and inhaling the vapors produced. Most commonly people use water pipes with quartz or titanium attachments, in place of traditional flower bowls. We have plenty of dab accessories at our store, so ask your patient consultant about them on your next visit.

The primary benefit of concentrates is getting a more potent dose of cannabis in a much quicker matter. Another huge benefit is being able to isolate cannabinoids and terpenes, and re-formulate profiles to create different desired effects. That being said, everyone should carefully consider whether or not utilizing concentrates is right for them. Dabbing is not right for users with a low tolerance, however, it may be good for users that carry a high tolerance or are in need of a heavy dose of cannabis. Of course, we always recommend starting low and slow.

We carry a wide array of concentrates including — including live resin and sauces, as well as distillate, and traditional BHO options. Come down and see us at the Apothecarium — we’d be happy to help guide you through our concentrates and find an option that works best for your needs.” — Nick Wells, Purchasing Manager

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